GIRLFRIEND KILLER - From Concord Films

Starring Barbie Castro, Brian J. Gross, Jason Cook, Corin Nemec, Dina Meyer
and introducing Taylor Castro.
Completed - Release Day Pending
KILLER ISLAND- From Concord Films

In Pre-Production
Principle Photography begins in May


BOYFRIEND KILLER - From Concord Films comes an engaging mystery set on Miami's glittering Gold Coast.

Starring Kate Mansi, Barbie Castro, Patrick Muldoon, and Yancy Butler. Directed by Alyn Darnay

Airing periodically on Lifetime Television and Lifetime Movie Network.
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The 2017 Boston International Film Festival awarded Alyn the Best Director Award for "Boyfriend Killer".

Shadow Fighter starrng Burt Reynolds and Steve Daren




SHADOW FIGHTER - An inner city fable, directed by Alyn Darnay and starring actors Steve Daron and Burt Reynolds.

Coming soon to a theater new you.

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Immunity staring Rena Sofer and Stefano DaFre



IMMUNITY - A Holocaust film, directed by Alyn Darnay Starring Rena Sofer and Stefano DaFre is currently winning awards at film festivals across the world.

" The film is exceptional. Shari Goldstein Umansky writes with her heart and soul and brilliantly manages to touch yours, as well. Alyn Darnay's fine directing ability enhances the performances of the actors' and the excellent dialogue."

Roxanne Alese, Sundance and Tribeca film evaluator

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Krissy Belle staring Carole Wood, Lourdes Broco, Manuel Carrillo, JC Casely.




KRISSY BELLE - The adventures of a wholesome 'Southern Belle' transplanted into the center of Miami's Latin community. It's a Fish Out Of Water story that gives new meaning to the phrase 'culture shock.' It's humor with a Southern Twang and a Salsa Twist directed by Alyn Darnay.


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 Conduit staring Barbie Castro, Miguel Martinez and Marc Durso. Screenplay by Robert Herrick




CONDUIT - A multi-award winning film directed by Alyn Darnay that tells the story of a woman confonted by a man claiming to have a message for her that will change or end her life. Starring Barbie Castro.


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Smooth Operator staring  Cynthia Enriquez, Bruce Linser




SMOOTH OPERATOR - Directed by Alyn Darnay. If you ever wondered what your neighbors were doing in bed, you won't anymore.


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